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Here at Hitchin Surveyors, our core surveying focus is on clients buying property for personal or investment reasons. Not all properties are alike, however, and some factors make surveying a building considerably more difficult. Foremost amongst these is the matter of age.

All building materials decay with age — some faster than others — so structures built prior to 1900 are typically more susceptible to building defects such as structural movement, damp ingress, timber rot and many more (and often hard to spot) problems.

Not only this, but building standards have come a long way since the construction of many period buildings. These often stand on shallow or non-existant foundations. Period buildings can be a complex harbourer of serious issues.

Listed Building - Specialist Building Surveys
Listed building specialists for Hitchin

Any person thinking about purchasing a listed or period building should not do so without the advice of a chartered surveyor experienced with this type of asset. Proceeding without professional advice could result in tens of thousands of pounds worth of unexpected repair bills.

Our advice is provided by a specialist chartered building surveyor who has operated in the property industry for over 30 years.

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Bespoke reports for period buildings

Surveys come in various shapes, lengths and formats. Many, like the RICS HomeBuyer report, are based on a template which is restrictive and limited. As such, these reports should be avoided when considering an older property in favour of a bespoke inspection which allows the surveyor the time to properly investigate any serious issues found on site. The Right Surveyors in Hitchin offer the following bespoke services specifically designed for older structures:

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